Travelers’ Guide If You Have Bed Bugs AT Hotel, Or Motel Room. (218)

Travelers Guide to avoiding Bed Bugs AT Hotel: What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs AT Hotel, Or Motel Room? When travel season near to the door, bedbug incidents rise. So, it becomes a major concern for frequent travelers. A recent study conducted by The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky found that  99.6% of pest control companies treated for bedbugs in the previous year.  They treated for bedbug infestation in various locations, including retail stores, single-family homes, apartments, movie theaters, hospitals, schools, public transportation, even in five-star hotels.

So, bedbugs are found almost everywhere. And mostly spreading with hotel guests. They enter into the hotel with travelers, infested there and hide them into clothing and luggage of next travelers or another guest. And finally, enter into their home unknowingly and infested there.

Travelers Guide to avoiding Bed Bugs AT Hotel, Or Motel Room

From the above discussion, we understand that it’s very necessary to avoid bedbugs while traveling. But the question is how to do it? Find here the helpful advice from NPMA:

#1. Inspect your Room

While you enter into the hotel room, inspect carefully the entire room before unpacking.  Use a flashlight if necessary to search behind the headboard and any cracks and crevices of furniture. Try to find any spot, shed skins, husk or dung, live or dead bed bugs and their eggs. Pull back the bed sheets, mattress seams, and box springs to find any evidence of bed bug existence.

Travelers' Guide If You Have Bed Bugs AT Hotel, Or Motel Room. (218)
Inspect carefully

Use a magnifying glass to find bedbugs & their eggs in dark corners. If you need to buy one, find here: Magnifier 3 LED Light, Marrywindix 3X 15X Handheld Magnifier, Reading Magnifying Glass, Lens Jewelry Loupe White, and Black.

#2. Inform Hotel management while necessary

If you suspect any bedbug infestation, immediately inform the management to change the room and ask them if they are capable to provide a fresh room. If they respond positively then ask them to reserve another non-infested room. Remember, if they hesitate to ensure you, probably the entire hotel is infested. In that case, you have no other go except leave this hotel.

#3. Place your Luggage off the Ground

Don’t keep your luggage directly in the bed. Instead, cover it with protective plastic bags to prevent bedbugs from fastening onto the luggage.

#4. Invest to kill bedbugs effectively

Travelers' Guide If You Have Bed Bugs AT Hotel, Or Motel Room. (218)
Bedbug Spray

You can buy some bedbug spray to kill them effectively. If you feel that bedbugs enter into your home and infest seriously then contact a pest control professional to thoroughly check your property and treat your home as soon as possible. They’ll also suggest how to avoid bedbugs and guidance for controlling in the future. Follow accordingly and get them out and keep them out forever.

If you like to search for any other product related to bed bugs or not, we have attached here a link for your convenience. Bedbugs Treatment.

#5. Be a Proper Packer!

While back home, inspect all the belongings with the utmost attention to avoid bedbugs bringing into your home.

#6. Do your Laundry

Also, wash all the clothing in hot water and dry them with extra dryer setting to kill them if there is any bedbug that you don’t know.

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