How to Treat Bedbug infestation and Kill Bed Bugs in 24 Hours or Less?

How to Treat Bedbug infestation and Kill Bed Bugs in 24 Hours or Less?

How to kill bedbugs? Bed bugs are irritating tiny insects that difficult to exterminate. Sometimes you need a professional exterminator which is expensive. But there are some ways you can do it yourself. If you wish to get rid of bed bugs, you have to apply any of two options: Extreme heat or extreme cold. Due to cooling extremely of infested items take several days, extreme heat is the merely way to kill bed bugs in 24 hours or less.

To get rid of bed bugs infestation, there is no other way except killing them effectively. There are several ways to kill them and a pest control professional is the best and recommended. But due to its high-cost people are searching for some inexpensive method to kill them. Here we have explained how to kill them in 24 hours with the help of household items.

To use this method you’ll need the following things:

Washing machine


Sealable bags

Hand-held steamer


Step 1: Check your mattress

Always check your mattress with close attention as its the most common hiding spot for bed bugs. If the bed bugs were nested inside your mattress, it may need to be avoided. Don’t sleep or let your members not sleep at someone else house if your house is infested with bed bugs.  Because it’s likely to bring eggs or bed bugs into their home and become infested.

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