How To Prevent Fleas On Dogs? How To Make Flea Collar And “Fleas Moving Away” Bag?

Fleas on the dog: Fleas are the most common parasites. They are very small, jumping insects who feed by sucking blood. They usually attack cats and dogs. If you want to protect your pet from fleas, here are some flea treatment remedies to prevent your dogs from flea bites. 

Popular dog medications, such as flea and tick preventatives, are full of strange chemicals that could have potentially harmful side effects Like human medications. They are usually tested on animals instead of humans. 

What will be in inhuman, nobody knows – a cruel method of research. But, I will show you how to prevent fleas on your dog.

Prevent Fleas On Dogs

Flea collar:

You can make a flea collar which will protect your dog from getting fleas. For this collar, you will need these ingredients:

* 3/5 drops of cedar oil or lavender oil

* 1-3 tablespoons of water

* Bandana or your dog’s collar

* An eyedropper (optional)

If you don’t have Ceder Oil, you can buy it from here: Cedarwood Oil: Large Size-4 ounce, the Best Essential Oil. Or, if you want to buy Lavender Oil, find here: Majestic Pure Lavender Oil: Essential Oil for Therapeutic Grade, Size – 4 fl. Oz.

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