How To Prevent And Treat Cat Flea Bites On Humans And Pet? (273)

Treat Cat Flea Bites: Cat fleas are different from both dog fleas and human fleas. The difference is slight and only can be seen through a microscope. Cat fleas are known as Ctenocephalides felis – officially and according to Dog fleas are known as Ctenocephalides canis. But obviously, 95 percent of flea bites found on cats, dogs, and humans are by cat fleas. So, we should know how to treat cat flea bites and prevent cat fleas. Learn more, How To Prevent And Treat cat flea Bites on Humans And Pet. Find below the details instruction about the prevention and treatment of cat flea bites on humans & pets.

Here you’ll find separately how to treat cat flea bites on humans, how to prevent cat fleas bite, how to treat cat flea bites on your pet, side effects of flea bites treatment products, and myths & warning.

How To Treat cat flea Bites on Humans?

Cover with a cold compress or an ice pack to reduce swelling immediately after flea bites. Use any medicine like Calamine lotion or anesthetic cream. Antihistamine creams also can help to relieve the itching and swelling. For multiple flea bites use any oral anti-histamine.

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How To Prevent And Treat Cat Flea Bites On Humans And Pet? (273)
Cat Fleas Bite

Never try to scratch the bites because it could increase the itching and lead to a bacterial infection. Wash the biting area with an antiseptic soap or alcohol wipes for reducing the risk of infection. Consult a doctor if you find any symptom of infection or if swelling worsens more than a day after the bite.

How to Prevent Cat fleas bite?

The best treatment for cat fleas is to eliminate them at every stage of the life cycle, from eggs to larva and pupae. Clean your home thoroughly. The vacuum in those hard-to-reach places like under the bed or in dark corners and under the chest of drawers.

Spray carpets, rugs, floors and other places with an insecticide that includes the ingredient of birth control for fleas that prevents from developing to sexual maturity – according to Cats of Australia. Don’t forget to spray those little spaces where fleas like to hang out, such as skirting boards, under rugs any other dark areas.

Two weeks after your initial cleaning, you may see the cat fleas again as the life cycle renew itself and eggs start hatching. Another thorough cleaning may be necessary to remove fleas completely.

How to treat cat flea bites on your pet?

“Top spot” treatment program can be applied for your pet to treat thoroughly. Usually, this treatment is applied between pet’s shoulder blades and the chemicals dispensed through the skin oils. For pet treatment, there are several products available like the flea collar, powder, dip, fogger, and shampoo.

How To Prevent And Treat Cat Flea Bites On Humans And Pet? (273)
Treat Cat Flea Bites

Some pets are allergic to flea saliva and experience an adverse reaction after just a few bites. This condition is known as allergic dermatitis which can cause redness, sores and hair losses.

You may treat the condition with proper antibiotics, antihistamines, steroid injections, an anti-inflammatory injection to reduce the itching or by hyposensitization. This process involves injecting the cat with small amounts of flea antigen to desensitize the immune system – according to Cat World.

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Side Effects of flea treatment products

Flea treatments products may have several unfavorable side effects. NCBI or The National Center for Biotechnology Information found the relation between flea collars and squamous cell carcinoma or feline oral cancer. The Cats that use a flea collar had five times the risk of oral SCC than nonusers – according to NCBI research.

A website named Shirley wellness also report that certain flea control products generate complicated reactions in dogs and cats, shorten life spans, cause deadly illness, and finally premature death.”

Myths & Warning

While one urban fairy story suggests that feeding your pet brewer’s mushroom helps to attract fleas, there is no evidence of this. Another fairy tale suggests that feeding garlic and onions to your pet can fight the fleas away. This is not true and can, in fact, be poisonous to your pet.


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