How To Kill Bed Bugs In Electronic Appliances To Avoid Bed Bugs Bites?

How to Kill Bed Bugs In Electronics Appliances or How to treat Bed Bugs in Electronics?

How To Kill Bed Bugs In Electronics? Bed bugs are very small insects, live in the blood of humans and animals. While bed bugs infest your home, they also hide them into your electronic appliances, like TV, desktop and laptop, etc.  

As adult bed bugs can survive for more than a year without any food, you can’t kill them with insecticides while they hide on electronic appliances. So, it’s more difficult than usual. But there are some ways to kill them effectively.

Also, it’s not a good idea to seal electronic devices in plastic bags as they can be damaged.  So, only the best method to kill bed bugs in electronics is to use heat. Bed bugs can’t survive at a high temperature like 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now follow the instruction as stated below:

01. Turn off all electronics

Turn off all electronic appliances and unplug them from the electrical power supply. Also, switch off the source of supply. If there is any removable cutout, remove it also. Check if there is any DC source like a battery of any sizes or types. Remove them without hesitation to take extra precautions.

02. Arrange a thermal remedy treatment

Arrange a thermal remedy treatment with an approved or certified pest control professional. Make sure that the exterminator can raise the temperature up to at least 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and continue 60 minutes.

Don’t worry regarding the damage of electronic equipment, according to Virginia Tech. temperature up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit will not damage your electronics.

You can buy such thermal treatment from any reputed & branded company or from a departmental store. Even you can buy it online from Amazon, eBay, etc. Find here the best & cheap thermal treatment: Thermal Strike Expedition, 600 Watt, 120 V – Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

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