How To Inspect Your Bed For Bed Bugs?

How To Inspect your Bed For Bed Bugs?

Find here a detailed inspection guide on How To Inspect your Bed For Bed Bugs. Here we explain about your bed and specifically your bed mattress. This is the most common place of bed bugs infestation. Usually, the primary infestation sites associated where people rest or sleep. So, we start inspection from this point and go thoroughly to the other probable places that suspected as infested with bedbugs.

To inspect your bed for bed bugs infestation you’ll need the following things:

1. Flashlight, a cake icing spatula is suitable, Screwdrivers & Wrenches for Dismantling Items,

2. 10x Magnifying Glass or Inspection Mirror, Carpet Adhesive,

3. Garbage Bags, Clear Packing Tape, Staple Gun for 1/4″ Staples,

4. A Vacuum Cleaner with Filter Bags, Bed Bug Bully, or similar nonpesticide bedbug killer spray.

In every infested home usually, we found one primary area of infestation where people rest or sleep. This guide will focus on that primary infested area and all items associated with your bed mattress. Our main objective is To Look For Bed Bugs in All stages: adults, nymphs, and eggs including Fecal Spots, & Skins.

Bed bugs are very expert in hiding. So the person inspecting for bedbugs must look along edges, cracks and crevices, folds and seams. Holes in wood for screws are also important and should be checked.

Now Start with clothing with special concentration on the folds and seams of bed sheets and blankets. After checking each item, move them from the bed and keep them on the floor. Keep in mind that you are checking bedbugs in different sizes of the life cycle including red spots, skins, and dead bedbugs.

Whenever you find any bedbug or their symptoms, stop your inspection, and start treatment activity. Tape your garbage bags around the infested area and use a vacuum cleaner to take out them into the vacuum bag.

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