Flea Bite Allergies On Humans – How To Recognize And Identify

How To Identify Flea Bite Allergies On Humans? What To Do For Flea Bites Allergies?

Flea Bite Allergies On Humans: A human can be affected by fleabites and suffer an allergic reaction from flea saliva which is known as flea allergy dermatitis. Dogs and cats are very common to be attacked and affected by fleas. But humans, birds, pets, rats are also sometimes identified as flea hosts.

This reaction is not the same for all people or pets. It can vary from person to person and similarly for pets also.

Symptoms of flea bites can ensure that you are bitten by fleas. So, you have to check very closely if there is any sign of flea bites on your body or family members. I have explained here some points that will help you to make sure about flea bites. Remember, only a few people may have flea bite allergies. That is also what you will know from the visible signs.

01.   Itchy Skin

Flea bite allergic reactions may vary from individual person to person, but itchiness is one of the main symptoms of flea bites. All flea bites cause more or less itching and those who suffer from flea allergy dermatitis may experience a whole-body itching sensation. Children with allergic reactions may be affected more and they may scratch until developing open sores.

To prevent secondary infection, apply an antihistamine and anti-bacterial cream to the skin regularly before covering the bites with bandages. To treat flea bites, a professional exterminator is the best choice, but it may not be affordable for everybody for its high cost. So, DIY or do it yourself is another option using flea bombs or similar over-counter medicine.

02.   Hives

Flea bites leave a single, red bump, similar to a mosquito bite. And sufferers of flea allergy dermatitis may experience an outbreak of hives surrounding the entire affected area, not only a single bump. The hive is swollen and very sensitive. And frequent scratching exacerbates these symptoms.

For the human, a Purple-red rash is another symptom of flea allergy dermatitis. In the human body, the rash may originate in the bite area and can spread over the skin with persistent scratching. Applying a hydrocortisone or benzocaine cream in the affected area can relieve itching and soothe the skin.

03.   Reaction Time and Length

An allergic reaction usually may develop within 12 to 24 hours after biting fleas. And the reactive symptoms may last for approximately one week. When you have fumigated or otherwise eliminated the fleas and after that, you or another person continues to appear symptoms of flea allergy dermatitis, it is wise to consult a doctor to determine the cause and trace out other possible conditions.

Whenever you experience any flea bites either in a human body or an animal, proper and timely treatment is necessary. And it is better if you take the necessary precaution to prevent flea bites as prevention is better than cure. Its precaution is to kill fleas effectively whenever you suspect their existence in your home.

04. Recognize Flea Bites

From the above symptoms, you can recognize whether you or your pet is affected by a flea or not. If you find that your cat or dog scratches frequently and some open sores or scabs appear on its skin, definitely it has been bitten by fleas.

If you feel or know that your flea bites are from animals other than dogs or cats, your reaction can be more than just allergic; and you should see a specialist doctor to prevent the possibility of transmitting flea diseases.


No warranty of accuracy for any information provided here. This is not medical advice anyway but can be used for information purposes only. Always ask your doctor for medical treatment while necessary.

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