How to Get rid of Bedbugs Without Pest Control Professional? DIY – Do It Yourself Method!

#1. Remove all clutter

Seal the clutter in resealable plastic bags or containers and remove all clutter from your home. Put the resealable plastic bags/containers in a freezer for at least 60 days to kill bedbug eggs.

Alternatively, you can kill them by overheat in a dryer running several times or keep in the hot and bright sun a few hours. Ensure there is hot enough to kill bedbugs and their eggs.

#2. Wash clothing

Place all curtains, bed covers, rugs, clothes, and stuffed animals in the washing machine. Wash all these items above 140 degrees hot water, and then dry them above 175 degrees in a clothing dryer.

You can use a heavy-duty or portable washing machine with the recommended temperature. If you don’t have one or want to replace the old one, buy now: Haier brand: Model HLP21N Pulsator.

#3. Dryer Cleaner for non-washable items

Take all non-washable items to the dry cleaner and inform the Cleaner that the items are infected with bedbugs. Sometimes they may disagree to clean bedbug-infested items. If they agree then give them. A chemical Perchloroethylene is used in dry-cleaner, that will kill bedbugs and their eggs.

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