How to Get rid of Bedbugs Without Pest Control Professional? DIY – Do It Yourself Method!

How to Get rid of Bedbugs? We’ll describe here how to get rid of bed bugs without pest control professional. This DIY or Do It Yourself method is cheaper and not so difficult to apply. We’ll explain the things you’ll need and how to use them. To get rid of bed bugs with the pest control professional is recommended and the best option.

But it’s not affordable for everybody. So, the DIY method is the second option to kill bed bugs effectively and preferred by most of people.

As I told above, for this method you’ll need the following things:


Magnifying glass,

Re-sealable plastic bags

Plastic containers

Plastic trash bags

1/4 cup cornstarch

Vacuum cleaner

Waterproof, zippered mattress covers


Sealant gun

All of the above things may not be available to anybody. But possible to collect online while necessary from Amazon.

How to Get rid of Bedbugs Without Pest Control Professional?

Now you know the things you’ll need. Prepare all of the things above and follow the instruction/ step by step guidelines to get rid of bed bugs by yourself.

#1. Remove all clutter

Seal the clutter in resealable plastic bags or containers and remove all clutter from your home. Put the resealable plastic bags/containers in a freezer for at least 60 days to kill bedbug eggs.

Alternatively, you can kill them by overheat in a dryer running several times or keep in the hot and bright sun a few hours. Ensure there is hot enough to kill bedbugs and their eggs.

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