How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Fast and Permanently

How to get rid of bedbugs fast and permanently

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

If you are determined to treat bedbugs yourself, you can buy almost everything the professional exterminators use, but it will obviously take longer to get rid of the problem. There are excellent guide videos on our Youtube channel BesT info7 to show you how to inspect and treat bed bugs. You must learn about various products how to safely and properly apply them. Pest management professionals often have several years of in-the-field experience and high-level training including proper tools and materials.

They observe bed bug behavior for years to successfully get rid of bed bug infestations. If you are serious to tackle this job yourself, thorough inspections and prompt re-treatments are necessary to successfully get rid of bed bugs. Don’t forget that if you miss one spot during your bed bug treatment, you may have to start the procedure from the beginning. A DIY approach to bed bug elimination is appreciated and certainly can be done but not so fast or easy.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

If you have ensured that you have bed bugs crawling into your bed at night, you need to act fast. The longer you take time to treat the infestation the more expensive and time-consuming it becomes to get rid of the bed bugs. But don’t panic and think that throwing out your mattress will solve your problem; it is not.

What to do?

At first, Educate yourself on the various treatment methods and determine which method fits with your priorities and budget.

DIY First Steps:

If you want to make some bed bug-killing progress fast Clear all clutter, put it in a plastic bag, and dispose of it outside. Vacuuming alone will help keep their numbers down, but not solve a bed bug infestation fully. Don’t move items from room to room as that will spread your problem to other good areas of the house. Clutters and trash should be sealed in a plastic bag and immediately throw outside. After vacuuming bed bug-infested areas, immediately clean the vacuum bag outside and it may be full of dust, bedbugs, and eggs.

Infested areas should be Scrubbed with a stiff brush to dislodge the eggs and vacuum with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Vacuum along all bed seams, cracks & crevices, and baseboards using the crevice attachment. A strong heat steamer can kill bed bugs quickly using slow steam flow on your bed and bed frame.

Stay away from the wall outlets while applying steam. Launder all the bed-sheets and linens and dry on the Maximum setting your dryer has. To quickly kill bedbugs put your shoes, stuffed animals, toys, blankets, pillows, seat cushions, and fabric bags in the dryer at least for 1 hour. Consider placing bedbug traps on the feet of your bed. Each of the above actions will help to get rid of some of the bed bugs quickly, but not solve the problem permanently.

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