How To Detect Bed Bug? 5 Things To Ensure Bedbugs Infestation. (207)

How to detect bed bugs?  Detecting bedbugs will not remove infestation, but it’s the first step of bed bug extermination. The good news is that we have several options or ways to detect bedbug, and many procedures to remove them effectively.  You can choose the best one based on your overall circumstances and affordability. The right choice will make your success fast and reduce concern. Read and learn more about How to detect bed bug.

How To Detect Bed Bugs Infestation?

Before taking any action to kill bed bugs, you have to ensured that you are really infested with bedbugs. So, you need to detect bed bug existence. There are several methods to detect them including bedbug detector that are made with innovative and cutting-edge technology. But we are not discussing here about that high end & expensive detector. Instead, we explain about simple and cheapest sticky trap to detect bed bugs activity. And that is enough to ensure whether you have bed bug infestation or not.

This trap is simply made with Adhesive or glue and whenever they move over the trap, they will be caught there. So, if you have any bed bug infestation in your home or bed, keep the trap there and observe their activity. If you find a few of them, means you are infested. Now try to kill them effectively as soon as possible. Remember, if you are late enough to kill them, it’ll be more difficult & expensive to exterminate.

To ensure bedbugs infestation, You’ll need the following things:

  • Double-sided sticky tape.
  • Flashlight.
  • Magnifying glass.

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5 Things To Ensure Bedbugs Infestation:

#1. Recognize bed bugs

How To Detect Bed Bug? 5 Things To Ensure Bedbugs Infestation. (207)
Recognize Bed Bugs


If you want to detect bed bugs, you have to recognize it very well. Remember, Bedbug are very small, elliptical-shaped, wingless fleas about the size of an apple seed. Adult bedbugs are coffee color and turn into reddish after feeding.

Recently hatched bedbugs are colorless excluding after feedings. Bedbugs are smooth and look like a wood tick or small insect.

#2. Check to find symptoms of bedbugs

How To Detect Bed Bug? 5 Things To Ensure Bedbugs Infestation. (207)
Red spots of bites

Check to find any signs of bed bugs bites. Some people may ensure of bedbugs bites when they wake up with itchy, & red spots of bites.

But some people may not show signs of bedbug bites for a few months after being a bit, and even some may never show any signs of bites at all. Bedbug bites look alike to mosquito bites, often appear on the back, arms, and legs. Bedbug bites are experienced separately in different organs, or sometimes the bites are in clusters and in a straight line.

If you have a bedbug detector then easily you can ensure their existence. Also, a cheap bedbug trap can do almost the same thing. Find here to buy bedbug trap: Trapper Insect Trap: Great for Bed Bugs, Spiders, & Cockroaches – Includes 90 Traps – Detect before bedbug infestation.

If you like to search for any other product related to bed bugs or not, we have attached here a link for your convenience. Bedbugs Treatment.

#3. Observe bedbugs activity

How To Detect Bed Bug? 5 Things To Ensure Bedbugs Infestation. (207)
Observe bed bugs activity

Observe bed bugs activity. While you guess bedbug, take a flashlight to check in your bed. As soon as you wake up during the night, switch on the flashlight to your body & check for feeding bugs if any. Also check the mattress, linens, and carpet around the bed.

Bedbugs will tend to move fast from light.  So moving insects are more likely to be bedbugs. Due to smaller in size, a magnifying glass can help to detect and discover bedbug.


#4. Look for signs of bedbug

Look for signs. Bedbug are similar to vampires – they don’t like to stay at daylight.  But you can find the evidence of bed bugs. Check thoroughly the mattress, bed clothing and bedding frame to find any brown, reddish or rusty spots.

How To Detect Bed Bug? 5 Things To Ensure Bedbugs Infestation. (207)
Pillow Protector


Also search for bed bugs and their eggs in the frame of the mattress, pillow where they are likely to hide. Bedbug eggs are very small in size and colorless without food and become radish after feeding. If infested, pillows are very difficult to remove bedbugs.

So, you should use some Pillow protector to avoid bedbug infestation, and you can buy it online here from Amazon: 4-Pack Premium Allergy Pillow Protectors: Hypoallergenic, Dust Mite & Bed Bug Resistant, Anti-Microbial, 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton Zippered Pillow Covers; By Home Fashion Designs Brand.

#5. Catch them to ensure their existence

Catch them to ensure their existence. Catching bedbugs won’t get them out of the home, but it can help to identify the problem. Fix double-sided tape to the edges of the mattress, box spring and the surface around the bed. Keep the tape for about a week.

If they exist, few of them will catch on the tape. Verify the images online to ensure they are actually bedbugs.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Don’t worry, bed bugs are not likely to spread diseases. But it’s also not easy to remove them from home. So, we should not keep them as house guests.  Identifying them is the first step of making your home bedbug free.
  • Luckily there is much equipment, and remedies available in the market to detect and prevent bed bugs. Choose the right one.


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