(341) How do I Get rid of Bedbugs in 3 Steps without Calling an Exterminator?

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

This simple 3 steps method for getting rid of bed bugs started from inspection, then treatment and finally clean up the mess. Now find here 3 Steps of killing bedbugs without exterminator:

Step #1. Inspection:

Inspect carefully to ensure if you are infested with bed bugs and the extent of the infestation. Start from bedding and look through the seams or edges of the mattress. Check the back of mattress and the pillows, bed sheet, box spring, cracks, and crevices, etc. Also check all the dresser drawers, electrical outlet and other things you suspect infested with bed bugs.

Remember, in low-level infestation, it’s difficult to find the symptoms. To ensure the infestation you can use bedbugs detector, or a trained dog can sniff out bedbugs infestation. But the dog’s detection service is expensive and not in the range of most people. Bedbugs detector is the best solution for average people. Live bedbugs and their eggs, rusty smell, bites mark in the body are the sign of current infestation & extreme level of infestation.

Step #2. Treatment:

Now if you are infested then you need to choose a speedy, non-toxic and safe solution. Keep in mind that professional exterminator is the best and recommended option for getting rid of bed bugs effectively. But it’s expensive and most people search for an inexpensive way to kill bed bugs. Because they are not capable to afford such expense or don’t like to expense more for this purpose.

So, I recommend for them bedbug spray that is available in Amazon, e-bay, Walmart or any other similar store. Avoid harmful pesticides and try with a natural solution. Apply everywhere you think infested with bed bugs, and follow the instruction in the label of the product. Take necessary precaution before applying. Remember, all pesticide sprays are strongly regulated by EPA to ensure you that they are safe for health. Heat treatment is another effective way to kill bedbugs. For learning more about it you can visit our website bedbugs2.com.

Keep in mind that it’s not a permanent solution, just to stay bedbugs free instantly and for a short period of time. For longtime solution you need the repeated application of the same or similar pesticides, or to call a professional exterminator.

Step #3: Cleaning:

The Last step is to clean up the mess and remove the odor. Use a vacuum cleaner and take out all live or dead bed bugs and their eggs from the mattress, box spring, sofa, couches, carpets and so on. Open the windows and start all the fans to remove odor from the treated area. Your vacuum bag will be full of dust, bed bugs and their eggs. Keep all these things in a plastic bag, seal it and throughout in outside trash or burn out. That’s all about how to get rid of bedbugs in 3 steps.

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