Fleas On Chickens: How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Chickens? (267)

Fleas On Chickens: Chickens are at risk of plague by pet fleas and mites. While these fleas or mites are small and might not look very risky, but a rigorous infestation can seriously damage and even kill a chicken. Symptoms of flea or mite infestation can include loss of feathers, scaly or dirty skin, and frayed or discolored feathers. Chickens can also become lacking energy, lethargic and whitish around their heads, and might stop laying eggs. Learn here how to get rid of fleas on chickens.

For protecting your chickens’ health, you need to recognize the symptoms of flea and mite infestation and use the proper treatment to get rid of fleas on chickens from these harmful parasites.

How to get rid of Fleas on Chickens?


01. Inspect your chickens regularly:

Fleas On Chickens: How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Chickens? (267)
Fleas On Chickens

Northern chicken mites or feather mites live at the bottom of the feathers, especially in the region of the tail, and you might find mites even on the chickens’ eggs. Depluming mites live at the bottom of the feathers and cause the birds itching and pulling out their feathers.

The pulled feathers will often have rough skin on their quills. Flaking leg mites cause inflammation and scaly on the legs and or wattles. Fleas live at the bottom of the feathers and, unlike mites, can jump.

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02.  Verify birds infection

Verify if only one bird is infected, or the entire flock is. While only one bird is infected, separate it from the rest of the flock.

03.  Use powder

If your chickens infested with fleas, or northern feather mites or chicken mites, use 4 percent or 5 percent malathion powder, using a rotational hand duster or puff duster. Use one pound of powder per 100 birds. Repeat this treatment up to four/eight weeks or as needed.

04.  Check thoroughly

If your dirt chickens infected with developing sites with sulfur dust, make sure to check thoroughly the neck, abdomen and under wing-feathers.

05.  Use Crude oil

While chickens infected with scaly leg mites, cover the feet and lower legs of chickens with crude oil or crankcase oil. You may use a paintbrush to apply the oil. Be careful not to get the oil on the bird’s flesh or feathers. Repeat after three weeks if the distorted scales haven’t been got rid of. You can also use Ivermectin, especially for severe cases.

06.  Use malathion spray

Fleas On Chickens: How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Chickens? (267)
Malathion spray

Spray on your walls, floors, furniture, ceiling and adjacent areas with malathion spray. Include 4 tbsp. of 57 percent emulsifiable liquid or 5 ounces of 25 percent wettable powder per gallon of water for fleas, chicken mites, or northern fowl (feather) mites. For chicken mites, apply with force the spray into all cracks and crevices.

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07. Change the bedding

Change the bedding of your chickens or birds that are affected with fleas.

08. See the nearest veterinarian

See your nearest veterinarian for better treatment if any complications, such as skin infections or for any further assistance.

09. Observe the birds

Observe the birds or chickens for any re-infestation.


No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is not medical advice anyway, can be used for information purpose only. Always ask your doctor for medical treatment while necessary.

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