Flea Bites On Dogs: How To Prevent & Control Flea Bites On Dogs?

How to Prevent Flea Bites On Dogs

Flea Bites On Dogs: Dog flea bites may occur for most dog owners. While happen this you may notice your dog scratching and make the dreaded result of little threatening creatures in your pet’s fur. Fleas can bite about 10 times than usual within few seconds and adult fleas can repeat at the rate of one egg per hour for every day of their whole life.

So, getting rid of fleas should be your foremost priority. After that, you must thoroughly check & remove fleas and eggs from all parts of your home, or your dog may become infected again. The next step should be to improve your dog’s severe scratching and treat his/her flea bites.


01. Clean your dog

Let your dog have a good bath. Use a shampoo specially designed to treat fleas or take your dog to the professional groomer and ask for a flea bath. This will save you time by allowing stay at home as well as treat your house.

A cool bath may ease your dog’s itching. Cold water can act as a calming agent on the skin lesion and the flea disgusting in the shampoo will help to prevent future infestation.

02. Apply Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera to your dog’s lesion. Aloe is a natural agent that promotes curing and reduces inflammation and annoyance. Ask your veterinarian or pet store for a recommendation regarding this.

3. Call Veterinarian

Visit your veterinarian if your dog’s itching is severe or if loss patch of fur, or has bites looks infected. Many dogs are allergic to flea bites that may result in dermatitis and infection. If so, apply hydrocortisone cream to the lesion. But if that doesn’t help, your veterinarian can prescribe a steroid ointment to reduce inflammation.

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