Dog Allergy Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment. (278)

Dog Allergy Symptoms: The number of pets demonstrating allergies is rising gradually. And the most common fleas are most allergens. A flea has 15 different agents in the saliva that cause an allergic reaction in the pet after biting. If a dog shows sensitivity to flea this condition is called flea bite dermatitis. While you experience flea bite dermatitis you should take necessary action as soon as possible. Remember, immediate action will make the treatment easy and fast. Read more to learn about Dog Allergy Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

Dog Allergy symptoms


Usually, fleas don’t infect animals in the winter season. Flea bite dermatitis will appear as a seasonal allergy. The animals exhibit their most serious symptoms in late summer and fall and these are the peak of flea season.

Tail biting

Dog Allergy Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment. (278)
Dog Allergy Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment. (278)

Fleas bite heavily at the base of the tail of the dogs that are sensitive to the saliva. Dog owners may exhibit repeated biting in this location or may experience gradually thinning hair.

Body Itching

Severally affected dogs will exhibit itching all over the body even in the areas that are not being bitten. Due to the systemic allergic reaction, these dogs may have a thinning coat, dry skin, flaking or red inflamed in the skin.

Hot spots

Flea bites allergic dogs may exhibit hot or burn spot in the skin. The hot spot is the area with extreme hair loss and skin infection. It is hot to touch and often quite swollen. Fortunately, we have a remedy for hot spots that are guaranteed.

Dog Allergy Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment. (278)
Hot Spot

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Lack of Fleas

Very few bites on the body are observed in dogs with flea bite dermatitis. Excessive scratching and itching exist on apparent infestation. The body is protected by dogs itself by constant licking, moving and biting behaviors.


Most of the veterinarians will do an initial analysis of the symptoms of a dog exhibits. In the case of flea bites dermatitis, the veterinarian may perform a skin test to determine the allergy to flea saliva and verify other conditions or infestations.


Dog Allergy Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment. (278)

Prevention is the best treatment for flea bite dermatitis. Insecticides and flea repellent can be used to rid your dog from current infestation and to prevent further colonization. A veterinarian can recommend a product for your dog which is the best suited for its skin, type and size based on individual needs.

He may also prescribe one of the several options that can ease your pet’s itching. Since flea bite dermatitis is a chronic allergy, continuous preventative steps should be taken after diagnosis.

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