(332) Can a heater kill bed bugs? Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Can a heater kill bed bugs? Many people ask, can a heater kill bed bugs or does heat kill bed bugs? The simple answer is no, a room heater can’t kill bed bugs. But a specially designed heater that usually used by professional can kill bed bugs. I have found several brands of the professional heater in Amazon online store that are capable to kill bed bugs. Remember, among several methods of bed bugs killing, heat treatment is proved to be the best. You’ll find below a picture of such bed bugs killer heater.

Can a heater kill bed bugs? Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

We have collected several answers to the above questions from different reliable sources. Chester Tze, B.S. Biology & Idiocracy, The United States of America answered in 2018 as below:

Sufficient heat with an extended period of time will kill bed bugs. A large electric heater capable to generate 125 to 135 degree Fahrenheit for 3 to 4 hours will successfully kill bed bugs.

Akshay Mamulwar, India answered that detergent water can kill bed bugs. Watch the Video and see how bed bugs can be killed by heater and detergent water.

Also, you should know other methods for bed bugs killing, such as:

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Remember, successfully killing bed bugs with a professional exterminator is the best choice and recommended, although it’s expensive. So, if you can afford prefer it above all methods. But most people can’t bear this high cost and search for the inexpensive way or DIY methods to exterminate bed bugs from home and want to avoid bed bugs infestation. You’ll find several DIY methods on my websites and Youtube Video Channel to kill bugs.

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