How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestation with Natural Neem Oil

How To Prevent Bed Bugs With Natural Neem Oil

Bed Bugs Remedy: Bed bugs are fleas that feed on warm-blooded animals including humans. As evidence of Bed Bugs bites you may find signs of red, inflamed bite marks on skin or blood droplets on bedsheets. Remember, bedbug treatment is very expensive with a pest control professional, and that’s the best way for a long time solution.

But this option is not affordable for people like me. So, we need some inexpensive ways for bedbugs remedy. Neem oil is a more safe and natural way to prevent bed bugs at home that you can try with. 

Bed bugs wrongly consume Neem oil assuming as natural hormones, which ultimately block their real hormones from functioning properly. Finally, they become incapable of eating, mating, and reproducing the next generation.

So, you can prevent bed bugs infestation easily using neem oil. While bed bugs are suspected in-home, take action immediately prior to an infestation occurs.

Before starting to prevent bedbugs you should make sure that you have a bedbug infestation. Now how you know that you have bedbug infestation? You have to find the existence of bedbugs or any symptoms.

For this process You’ll Need:

1 teaspoon Neem oil

1 teaspoon insecticidal soap

1-quart warm water Spray bottle with Plastic covering

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