Home Remedies For Fleas On Dogs – Natural Ways to Treat Flea Bites.

Home Remedies for fleas on dogs: Natural ways to Treat Flea Bites

Home remedies for fleas on dogs:  Flea bites are a common cause for a dog’s itchy skin. Flea saliva left from biting the dog’s skin causes the itching, scratching, and inflammation (according to the website – Stop Dog Itching). And if the dog is allergic to flea bites, this will make the itching worse than normal.

Commercial products available in retail stores for the relief of itching caused by flea bites are usually expensive. However, natural or home remedies may give your dog some relief and are affordable.

01. Cold Baths

At first, give your dog a cold bath to relieve the itching. The hot spots become cool and reduce itching. Avoid a hot bath as it will only create the inflammation to swell and cause more itching.

02. Use Cornstarch

Bathe the dog in the shower or spray water to relieve itching. Spray some water on the flea bites, which will for the time being relieve itching. Use cornstarch with water.

03. Aspirin with alcohol

Liquefy two aspirins in 1 tbsp. of rubbing alcohol. Take 1 cup of warm water and immerse any flavored tea bag in it. Merge the two mixtures together and let them completely cool down. Trim the area where the flea bites exist (if there is a lot of hair) and use a cotton bud to apply the mixture directly to the bites. Repeat this remedy as often as needed.

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