Cat Flea: How To Treat Cat Flea Bites On Humans And Pets?

Treat Cat Flea Bites: Cat fleas are different from both dog fleas and human fleas. The difference is slight and only can be seen through a microscope. Cat fleas are known as Ctenocephalides felis – officially and according to Dog fleas are known as Ctenocephalides canis.

But obviously, 95 percent of flea bites found on cats, dogs, and humans are by cat fleas. So, we should know how to treat cat flea bites and prevent cat fleas. Learn more, How To Prevent And Treat cat flea Bites on Humans And Pet. Find below the details instruction about the prevention and treatment of cat flea bites on humans & pets.

Here you’ll find separately how to treat cat flea bites on humans, how to prevent cat fleas bite, how to treat cat flea bites on your pet, side effects of flea bites treatment products, and myths & warning.

How To Treat cat flea Bites on Humans?

Cover with a cold compress or an ice pack to reduce swelling immediately after flea bites. Use any medicine like Calamine lotion or anesthetic cream. Antihistamine creams also can help to relieve the itching and swelling. For multiple flea bites use any oral antihistamine.

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Never try to scratch the bites because it could increase the itching and lead to a bacterial infection. Wash the biting area with an antiseptic soap or alcohol wipes for reducing the risk of infection. Consult a doctor if you find any symptom of infection or if the swelling worsens more than a day after the bite.

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