How To Identify Flea Bites on a Cat? Natural & Home Remedies For Fleas on Cats – Relax Cat Owners!

How To Identify Flea Bites on a Cat? Natural & Home Remedies For Fleas on Cats – Relax Cat Owners!

Fleas are blood-sucking insect feeds from their hosts. Flea bites may cause red, itchy bumps and bubonic plague. If a cat eats an infected flea while grooming its fur, internal parasites like tapeworm can be spread out. Cats that are allergic to flea bites get inflamed skin with pustules and scratch or lick.  Careful observation is necessary to identify whether your cat has fleas or not.


01. Closely observe

Closely observe the excessive scratching on cats. Scratching assures the presence of fleas on cats. If you can’t identify call a professional vet. They can easily find and decide whether your cat is affected by fleas or not.

If affected you should use some flea treatment available in any Pet Store. Also, you can buy it online from Amazon, eBay, etc.

02. Check the skin

Parting the fur of cats and check the skin. You may find red, crusty bumps on the head, neck, body, and lower back if bitten by fleas. It’s not so difficult to find flea bites on cats while parting the fur of a cat. If you find such signs in your cat, you should apply some treatment.

03. Confirm flea bites

If you find the fur is thin or falling from some places of the cat’s skin or see some hard bumps under the skin, be confirmed that the cat is bitten by fleas.

The cat is mostly bitten by cat fleas although cat flea also bites humans. So remedy from cat fleas or extermination of cat fleas will help humans to avoid flea bites. Find here to buy Self Cleaning Litter Box: ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

Natural Remedies – Home Remedies For Fleas On Cats

Home Remedies For Fleas On Cats: Cat owners are anxious about the environment or allergic reactions to artificial drugs by their pets and can turn to herbs to treat the pain of flea bites. Several herbal remedies include ingredients shown to ease the itchy feelings caused by flea bites. Herbal or natural remedies have the additional advantage of being available over the counter (OTC) without a prescription.

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