Bed Bugs History: Where are Bedbugs Found?

Bed Bugs History, And Where Are They Found?

Bed bugs history: Perhaps bedbugs obtained this name from their habit of feeding on humans while people sleep in the bed. They are also called wall lice, mahogany flats, or red coats. Bed bugs have been a pest issue for more than three thousand three hundred years in ancient Egypt.

They were entered into the United States first by early colonists. Learn more about Bedbug’s history.

After entering The United States they thrived for a few decades. By the 1950s, bed bugs spread everywhere but exterminated from the developed world with the help of vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and pest control products.

In the late 1990s, bedbugs reappeared due to several factors like international travel, inappropriate pest control products and methods, and lack of public consciousness.

Remember, bedbugs are an efficient traveler and easily transported with travel bags or luggage. They can hide in cracks and crevices before your eyes and prefer to live near to the human environment. Usually, they are found in bed mattresses, box springs, and folder areas, electric outlets, furniture & fixtures.

Also, they can be found in backpacks, under the seat of the car, bus and train, even in the plane, Cinema hall, 5-star hotels, etc.

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