Rat Mites: How To Kill Rat Mites Or Rat Fleas On Pet Rat?

Rat Mites: How To Kill Rat Mites Or Rat Fleas On Pet Rat?

Rat Mites: Although pet rats are generally clean animals, they are at risk of flea infestations like cats and dogs. Most rat fleas can’t live on humans on a long-term basis, but they can carry frustrating germs to you and your other pets and make your rat depressed.

There are several products available in the market especially for pet rat flea control, but most of them are intended for puppies or kittens. While the primary infestation has been stopped, you should take care to prevent re-infestation.


01. Have a bath your rat

Softly bathe the rat in the bathtub using a flea shampoo designed for puppies or kittens. Wash the rats carefully and dry them with a soft towel.

02. Take out all bedding

Take away all bedding from the rat’s cage and clean it thoroughly in hot water. Put in fresh bedding and keep back your rat to the cage.

03. Spray flea powder

Spray flea powder on the carpet & surrounding the cage which will help to prevent re-infestation. Do not spray flea powder inside the cage, as an extensive flavor of the powder can harm the rat.

04. Inspect your rat regularly

Inspect your rat daily for symptoms of re-infestation. At the first indication of fleas, bathe the rat again & repeat until fleas no longer appear. Regular checking your rates is likely to reduce the chances of an infestation greatly.


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