Pour Baking Soda on Your Bed and See What Happens!

Pour Baking Soda on Your Bed and See What Happens!

Do you know that you can kill bedbugs with baking soda from your bed, even from your entire home? Pour baking soda on your bed and see what happens! Your kitchen item Baking soda is an absolutely safe cleanser. It’s very cheap, non-toxic, and capable to make a real miracle in your home. You can get several benefits from it in an inexpensive way.

It’s Low price, Absolutely nontoxic, Absorbs dirt and moisture, Substitutes a lot of cleaning products, easily removes unpleasant odors, and is capable to kill a lot of microorganisms. Read more: Pour Baking Soda in Your Bed, & Watch What Happen!

It’ll remove dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, dust, unpleasant odors from your bed. From the instruction below you’ll learn how to use baking soda to kill bed bugs, or how to get rid of bed bugs infestation with baking soda.

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How to use Baking Soda to Kill Bed Bugs?

Step1: At first, clean your bed mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Evenly distribute 1 packet of baking soda over the mattress or surface that you want to clean. Additionally, you can use 10-15 drops of essential oil with it.

Leave the mattress cover with baking soda and wait for a few hours or a day. Then remove everything with the vacuum cleaner.

Now your mattress is clean, dust, and odor-free like a new one. Similarly, you can clean your carpet and soft furniture with a different recipe.

Step2: Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, & 1 tablespoon of washing powder (optional) in a container. Then pour 1 cup of boiled water, and add 4 to 5 tablespoons of 9% vinegar with it. You need a large container as the mixture will form foams. Mix it thoroughly and pour it into a water sprayer.

Step3: Now clean your carpet or soft furniture with a vacuum cleaner, and spray the solution for 5 to 10 seconds. Then remove the liquid gently with a sponge. In extreme infestation, it’s necessary to rub the solution in infested areas. Repeat the same process until you get the expected result. But make sure the liquid doesn’t saturate the fabrics.

It’s to be noted that except for natural fabrics, A baking soda & vinegar solution can be used for any fabric. Baking soda will kill all bedbugs and their eggs from your bed, mattress, and wherever you use it.

Remember, since it’s very difficult to kill bed bugs even with the help of pest control professionals, you need to re-apply the same procedure several times a year. And Baking soda is a very simple and easiest way to kill bed bugs.

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